WINGBRUSH® - Easygoing interdental cleaning

Created by Louis, Marc & Burak

WINGBRUSH® - Easygoing interdental cleaning
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With the help of our new Wingbrush, easygoing interdental cleaning is guaranteed. The patented feeler easily docks on your interdental space, press the Wingbrush and you are done. Stop searching and start finding the interdental spaces!

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€331,475.00 / 12,412 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: July 2017
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Learn About Our Project:

What is the Wingbrush?

With the help of our new Wingbrush, easygoing interdental cleaning is guaranteed. The patented feeler easily docks on your interdental space, press the Wingbrush and you are done. Stop searching and start finding the interdental spaces!

You do not longer have to bend or injure yourself in front of the bathroom mirror while using floss. Use the Wingbrush while watching TV, checking your smartphone or quickly after every meal. Interdental cleaning made simple!

The use of interdental brushes is associated with lower risk for periodontitis, tooth loss, heart attacks and diabetes. 

We did a scientific study on 1000 interdental spaces. The results were clear. With the Wingbrush test persons could reach significantly more interdental spaces than with a conventional interdental brush. On top, the test persons preferred the Wingbrush. It's so easy, that you start cleaning your interdental spaces regularly.   


Where can I use the Wingbrush?

Why is the Wingbrush better than floss, sticks and oral irrigators?

Above, we explained the importance of interdental cleaning. But do you clean them every day? You probably don't. All available devices have weaknesses: 


Change the size, not the system:

We are starting with 3 replaceable brush sizes. It is necessary to offer more than one size, because every mouth is unique and needs individual prophylaxis. 

  • ISO 0 (small): Fits in every gap, especially for small interdental spaces, patients with brackets or retainers.
  • ISO 2 (medium): For wider gaps or teeth with crowns, bridges or implants.
  • ISO 3 (large): Conically shaped bristles, serves a wide range with a small wire. Perfect size for patients with periodontitis or wide gaps. 


 As seen on:


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 Our Story: 

During Louis' study of dental medicine, he recognized dentists usually act when it is too late. Dentists repair teeth or extract them because of caries or periodontitis.
Nobody is born with bad teeth. Daily oral care routine is the key for healthy teeth and healthy gum. Interdental cleaning is a important part of this. So, the main question we tried to solve was: How is it possible that everyone is aware of the importance of interdental cleaning, but nobody is doing it? We found the reason in the devices available for interdental cleaning. They either have a bad handling or a bad cleaning power. 

In 2012, our dentist Louis quickly got the idea to combine the feeler, known of his oral irrigator, with his interdental brush. After first tests with lots of superglue all over our teeth, we knew that it could work. Market research of Burak and Marc showed, that nothing similar is available in the market. 

After convincing M+C Schiffer GmbH, the biggest manufacturer of oral care devices in Europe, of our patented idea, we started making the Wingbrush reality. With each prototype, interdental cleaning became more simple and pleasant. A scientific study of the University of Bonn with almost 1000 interdental spaces showed a great advantage in handling and reachability of interdental spaces. 

The results motivated us to found our company called LUORO. The vision is to simplify oral care with innovative products. The Wingbrush is our first product.

We are ready to start, please support us to establish the Wingbrush in every bathroom. 

Below you find just some sources highlighting the problem with flossing and the importance of interdental cleaning:

A little bit more scientific evidence for all dental nerds out there:



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Our timeline:




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